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A public forum created for the free expression of insightful VINERS. Our goal is to provoke thoughtful conversation with direction, thus changing the course of U.S.and World views and events . Although primarily a political, economic, sounding board ..We welcome all discusion of issues relivant to the CURRENT EVENTS.and the condition of the human race, and the ever changing political and social state of our planet...

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The INSIGHT OUT provides an ongoing venue for the promotion and generation of insightful,thought provoking conversation and debate on a WORLD SCALE. In this forum, we will address current SOCIAL and POLITICAL events that shape our world.. through our conversation we hope to influence the outcome of current events.We sincerely intend to influence our elected officials , exposing them to collective reason.. We envite intelligent comment and contribution from our members and their friends. although this group will lean towards economic and political issues of the day. All reasonable discusion of World events and how they effect our lives will be welcome..